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At Orwell Park, pastoral care is given top priority, ensuring that every child is listened to, cared for, valued and encouraged.  All members of staff at Orwell Park, whether academic or support staff’ have a part to play in providing for the needs of their young charges.

In Pre-Prep and Middle School (Nursery to Year 5), class teachers take special responsibility for the welfare as well as academic progress of the pupils in their care. In Years 6 to 8 pupils have specialist subject teachers  rather than class teachers and a separate pastoral Tutor, who will not only maintain an overview of academic progress over the next three years in Senior School, but also take responsibility for pupils’ pastoral needs and their well-being.  Tutor groups are organised in a vertical structure (each containing a mixture of pupils from Years 6, 7 and 8), enabling younger pupils to benefit from the experience and support of older pupils.  Tutors at all levels keep in regular contact with parents and  make themselves readily available to discuss a pupil’s needs at interview, by email or telephone.

“The arrangements for welfare, health and safety are excellent.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate


“100 per cent of parents stated that they felt boarding is safe.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate