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Every child can have his or her share of the limelight! Children use drama to explore themselves and their environment, and it provides a safe route to self-knowledge and increased self-confidence.

In lessons children learn to use mime and improvisation or create a script for performance; they learn to empathise and are invited to step into the shoes of other characters, real or imagined. Drama is very often used to explore situations, issues or dilemmas that occur in other areas of the curriculum such as English, History or Religion and it can play a very significant role in augmenting and deepening children’s understanding.

School productions provide opportunities to extend the dramatic experience and our aim is that every child who passes through the school should perform on stage at some point in his time here. The Middle School Play provides a superb opportunity for budding actors in Years 3 to 5 to hone their comic timing and sense of fun, while the more serious Main School play alternates musical offerings such as We Will Rock You, stage plays for young people like Winnie-the-Pooh or The Railway Children. Over the years these productions have set a very high standard in tackling large-cast performances for young and old alike.

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