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Science by its very nature is a practical subject. At Orwell Park we provide a unique opportunity for pupils to build knowledge rather than have it simply presented to them. Through a programme of carefully selected and organised practical activities, pupils develop an excellent understanding of the subject material. This may take the form of teacher led experiments, open-ended research, digital systems, pupils’ own investigations or demonstrations.

Science teaching at Orwell Park School has an emphasis on skills and processes, developing children’s confidence and building on earlier experiences. This ensures continuous learning all the way through to KS2 and on to Common Entrance and Public School Scholarships.

The aims of the science department are to:

  • Offer a broad, balanced and exciting science course, which allows each pupil to progress confidently to reach his or her potential.
  • Provide fair and equal opportunities to enable pupils to enjoy science.
  • Foster a thirst for knowledge and understanding.
  • Build knowledge of various scientific concepts through a variety of activities.
  • Encourage pupils to use prior knowledge and experience as starting points for further learning.
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to develop their practical skills through structured and open-ended experiments.
  • Build the understanding of the scientific method.
  • Relate what they learn in the classroom to events in real life.

We encourage all children to apply principles to new situations and to reflect upon their experiences so that they can hold informed and considered opinions.