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From Nursery, all children at Orwell Park School have the opportunity to learn French.  The curriculum develops in line with their age and ability, so that by Year 8 they are ready to take French at Common Entrance level.

A team of specialist teachers aims to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which provides opportunities for everyone to succeed.  All four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are covered in small teaching groups, using a range of resources and teaching methodology.  The focus is always on pupil engagement through active learning.

Grammar is seen as a crucial part of teaching and learning, and children are encouraged to develop their skills in producing accurate French in a range of contexts.  In addition, there is access to a wealth of on-line resources via iPad and Mac to assist in acquiring new language.

In Year 7, all children take part in a fun-filled week in a French château. Each activity involves communication in French as trained staff guide them through shopping trips, pancake making and thrilling outdoor challenges in the Normandy countryside, making for a truly memorable experience that actually improves their French!

Above all, learning a foreign language gives children the opportunity to develop their skills far beyond the classroom: independent inquiry, problem solving, teamwork, academic resilience, communication strategies and developing a lifelong affinity with all things French are just some of the outcomes we aim for in MFL.