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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department at Orwell Park School operates an ‘Open Door’ policy. During their time at Orwell Park many children will find their way to our department for a myriad of reasons.

We are lucky to have a highly specialised team of teachers and we work in many different ways with the students, tailoring the lessons to suit the individual child’s needs. These include withdrawn lessons, supported prep sessions, support in the classroom, essay planning sessions, interactive work extra times and regular revision sessions for Year 7 and 8 pupils. Furthermore, we liaise and work closely with outside agencies.

We encourage the older children to take responsibility for their learning and personal organisation, providing drop-in sessions during some of their activity and break times where the children are expected to work in a semi-independent way, thus preparing them for the transition to Senior School.

We consider it vital to have good lines of communication with parents, staff and outside agencies so that learning support is dovetailed into the child’s education at Orwell Park. Parents know they are always able to contact us whether by phone, email or in person. In addition, we invite Year 7 parents and their children to a joint revision session.

We believe the most important thing we can do is to raise a child’s self-esteem through a growth mindset approach, believing in every individual as well as encouraging the children to strive towards becoming the best they can be.

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