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If you do not know your History, it is somewhat like not knowing your family. History gives us context and understanding of where we have come from, as well as an appreciation of the events that happen today. As it is not possible to teach all we know about History within the classroom, our aim within the History department is to inspire our pupils so that they leave our History classes asking questions and wanting more. We therefore teach lessons that are rich in content as well as engaging and active in their style. We cover a range of topics and method of study that enable pupils to develop historical skills and knowledge of different histories. For instance, pupils study Medicine through Time in Year 6, to provide an opportunity to understand the development of an historical theme over a long period of time. Conversely, they study special topics for Common Entrance, for example Richard III, giving the opportunity to focus on a short period of time and a particular historical enquiry. The use of sources is key to studying History and therefore analysing evidence is a crucial part of studying History at Orwell Park. Pupils have many opportunities, from Pre-Prep to Year 8, to ask questions about a diverse range of historical sources in order to help them research and understand an historical era or event. To further enhance their experience, pupils have the opportunity to visit a variety of historical places as well as take part in dramatic re-enactments and themed days located at school.