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Our language is the medium through which we all learn, all teach and all play. Our children use English to explore their world and to discover other worlds; they use English to tell us – and each other – about these discoveries; English helps them shape their views of the world and of themselves.

Our syllabus follows the National Curriculum bands for Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing up to Year 6, during which time the sets are mixed ability, and the Common Entrance syllabus of Years 7 and 8, when setting/streaming allows the specific needs of individual children’s entry to senior school to be met.

The school has an excellent library, in the heart of the main school. It is both an area for scholarship and a relaxed reading environment. It is well stocked and refreshed under the direction of the School Librarian. The importance of reading within the curriculum cannot be overstated and with this in mind the school day embraces a community reading period. Visits from storytellers and writers all help to keep the profile of reading high on the agenda. Theatre trips are a regular feature of the school calendar.

School competitions are run every year for all pupils in reading, poetry recitation and public speaking, offering a platform for everyone to show off their best efforts. In teaching English we believe that high standards come from high expectations and that it is vital for our pupils to recognise that English does not stop when they leave the English lesson; it is something that they take with them wherever they go. Above all it must be fun.