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Digital Skills

In September 2016, the school launched a 1:1 iPad strategy, where every child in the school has their own iPad.  To reflect this, ICT has been renamed Digital Skills, and we have created a new curriculum, based on the forthcoming Digital Skills accreditation from the ISEB, which produce the Common Entrance exam.

The Digital Skills curriculum is much broader and comprises five elements.  These are: Systems (networks and hardware), Literacy (basic computer skills), Citizenship (e-safety and security), Design (presentation and coding) and Thinking (procedures and problem-solving).

At Orwell Park we teach this curriculum using iPads and desktop computers, including working with Art, Design Technology and Music departments which all have dedicated suites.  We teach the children to work online using Microsoft Office 365 and try to inspire them to think and use the technology creatively.

The focus of the whole subject is to instil the skills the children will need throughout their school and working lives and enable them to use technology effectively and transparently.