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Critical Thinking

Put simply, Critical Thinking is objectively analysing information in order to make judgements and decisions.  It involves using logic, reasoning and creativity in order to draw conclusions; it is a broad skill that may be applied to a vast range of situations.

Critical Thinking is taught to pupils in Years 4 to 7 and 8s.  Lessons provide pupils with opportunities to explore ideas; express their thoughts and listen empathetically to others’; problem-solve; create; question; reason; analyse and evaluate.

Lessons involve a wide variety of activities: solving riddles; debating; creating solutions to practical problems; developing reasoning skills and exploring ‘big’ concepts such as ‘truth’ or ‘fairness’.

 Whilst pupils may practise Critical Thinking in a number of different subjects and scenarios, lessons give pupils the time to delve deeper and develop the skills needed to be clearer, better thinkers.