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We are committed to ensuring that the pastoral care we provide goes from strength to strength over the coming years and to ensuring that Orwell is a kind and happy school, where pupils are free to enjoy their childhood, to learn and to grow into confident and well balanced individuals.  Our aim is, as a whole community of pupils, staff and parents to agree upon and embed a set of values which influence every aspect of life at the school and promote positive behaviour and healthy attitudes.

The overarching value is Integrity, which we define as strength of character and strong moral principles and we aspire for this to underpin everything that we do.  We propose five core values, each with supplementary values.  These provide a common moral framework within which we aim to conduct ourselves:

Kindness: forgiveness, gentleness and empathy

Collaboration: inclusion, patience and community

Courage: perseverance, resilience, honesty and loyalty

Spirit: enthusiasm, joy, curiosity, gratitude, hope and reflection

Respect: courtesy, fairness and trust

As a school we seek to explore these values, deepen our understanding and improve our application of them and to weave them into the fabric of the School.

Huddl – Support for the parenting journey

The wellbeing of pupils is our highest priority and we believe that parents, staff and children must work together towards becoming the best that we can be. We have done much to weave the values of Kindness, Collaboration, Courage, Spirit and Respect through the fabric of our community and this task is ongoing.

We are excited to work with Huddl, a Suffolk-borne organisation offering support for all parents and carers, giving them access to practical tools and inspirational events to help deal with their ever-changing role; creating a community of mutual support, compassion and learning. As we know, each family has a unique journey and needs a range of tools along the way. Huddl provides a platform with easily accessible and up-to-date professional advice so that parents and teachers can help their children and young people with the pressures of growing up.

If you are an Orwell Park parent or carer then please click on the Huddl logo and enter your password to access a wealth of resources and information designed to provide you with support for the parenting journey.