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“Pupils follow a broad and demanding curriculum, consistently gaining their first choice place in competitive entry to senior independent schools. Each year a considerable number are awarded academic, sporting, creative and music scholarships.” ISI, November 2014

Our independence allows us to deliver much more than that which is demanded by the National Curriculum, and without being constrained by its limitations. We constantly monitor the demands of Common Entrance and the National Curriculum, and the scholarship requirements of senior schools.
Our academic curriculum is strong in the traditional academic disciplines and delivered using the most modern equipment and techniques. It is focused enough to provide a preparation for admission by scholarship and Common Entrance to the best senior schools in the country whilst being broad enough to stimulate academic interest, curiosity and ambition. Academic discipline is a key feature of our delivery of the curriculum, and all academic subjects and activities are accorded equal status.

We provide first-class guidance for parents on the appropriate choice of senior school, matching the academic potential of the pupil to the standards expected.

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