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Prep School

Preparatory School Curriculum

Orwell Park offers academic challenge to all children and learning support for those who need it. In the classroom, a traditional curriculum (including Latin fromYear 6 onwards) is taught, using the most modern methods. Our Prep School employs motivated teachers with a passion for their subject, who will encourage academic self-reliance, helping all children in time to take responsibility for their own learning and personal organisation.

The curriculum offers breadth as well as academic rigour and all pupils in Years 3-8 have timetabled Art, Design and Technology and Drama. Children live in a digital world and at Orwell Park they are supported in their learning by Apple technology throughout the school; including two IT rooms, a Music Technology room, IT hubs in Art and Design and Technology, as well as access to mobile devices.

Stretch and challenge is provided both in and outside the classroom and the Orangery Lectures on a Tuesday evening cover a wide range of cultural and academic subjects. Pupils of all ages are encouraged to attend and parents are invited to share the learning experience with their children.

Our prep school proudly offers our teachings throughout the Suffolk & Greater London areas.

Middle School (Years 3-5)

Our aim is to provide a stimulating environment within a mixed ability form-based structure.We seek to develop our pupils’ academic potential within a caring and supportive environment, as well as encourage their interest and participation in creative, musical and sporting activities.

The class teachers, particularly in Years 3 and 4, are generally responsible for English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Life Skills. ICT, French, PE, Music and Ar t are taught by specialist teachers and the children benefit from the School’s many excellent facilities.

Educational visits complement the children’s academic studies. These have included Colchester Castle Museum, West Stow, Fitzwilliam Museum, Chatham Dockyard, Minsmere RSPB reserve, theatre productions, film festivals and many more. Visitors are also invited into school to do workshops with the children.These have included a Viking Day, Science workshops and visits by authors.

Every term the Middle School gets together for a morning to enjoy learning together. Themes for the morning have included Mathematics, Science, thinking and listening skills, poetry and the Vikings. Links with the Pre-Prep are strong, ensuring an easy transition into the Senior School. Years 2 and 3 have worked together on occasions such as Science Days,World Book Days and Poetry Days.

Senior School (Years 6-8)

TheYears 6-8 curriculum includes the following subjects: Art, Classics (Latin for all and Greek/Spanish for Year 8 scholars), Design and Technology, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, IT/Computing, Mathematics, Music, PE, Religious Studies and Science.

In addition, pupils have one lesson a week of Life Skills to support their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and to promote their emotional well-being. Study skills are developed further and children are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills in Philosophy for Children (P4C) lessons, offered as part of the Year 6 curriculum.The main library at the heart of the school encourages independent learning, both during the day and for boarders in the evening.

Where a child requires learning support, a team of specialist teachers, including a maths specialist, tailor individual lessons to his or her needs. An experienced Learning Support Department liaises with outside agencies and excellent lines of communication are maintained with parents, subject teachers and support staff. At Orwell Park, all children are helped to grow in confidence and self-esteem so that by the time they leave for their next school, they are more than ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.