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Structure of the School

Orwell Park is divided into two main sections:

• Pre-Prep (age 21⁄2 to 7) • Prep (age 7 to 13)


• Nursery (age 21⁄2 to 4)
• Reception (age 4 to 5)
• Years 1 and 2 (age 5 to 7)


• Middle School –Years 3 to 5 (age 7 to 9) • Senior School – Years 6 to 8 (age 10 to 13)

All children have a class teacher or Tutor who will play a vital role in communication between home and school as well as in pastoral care. All children in the main school belong to a School House, and feel a strong sense of loyalty towards it.The houses are: Blue Boars, Green Dragons, Red Lions and Yellow Tigers. The House system at Orwell Park provides further opportunities for initiative, competition, responsibility and leadership, as well as another dimension to pastoral care.