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Leaving a Legacy

The gift of a lifetime

For many, leaving a legacy is a joyful experience as we remember those people and experiences that have had the greatest impact on our lives.

As a charity, Orwell Park depends upon the philanthropy of our alumni and friends to sustain our work, and legacies form a huge part of supporting this ongoing need.

We would be glad to discuss your preferences with you as you consider leaving a gift to Orwell Park in your will. Please get in touch with Development & Alumni Relations Manager Amy Carbonero by email or phone (01473 653228) to arrange a time to speak.


What you can support: When you make a gift, you can choose to support a specific project or leave an unrestricted gift so that your gift can be used where it is needed most.

How to begin the process of making a will: It is always advisable to have your will written by a solicitor experienced in Wills and Probate.

How to add a gift to an existing will: A form called a codicil can be added to your will by a solicitor. Visit to find a solicitor locally. There are many kinds of gifts you can leave – pecuniary gifts (cash) and residuary gifts (a share of an estate) are the most common. You can also gift property such as photographs, art and books.

Understanding Inheritance Tax: HMRC provide guidance on Inheritance Tax (, and a solicitor will be able to go through the financial detail for your particular situation.


Ready to leave a gift?

We would be glad to discuss the options available – please get in touch with Development & Alumni Relations Manager Amy Carbonero by email or phone (01473 653228) to arrange a time. Alternatively, read about other ways you can support us.


What you will need

It’s important to include our name, address and registered charity number when you leave a gift in your Will:

Charity name: The Orwell Park School Foundation
Address: Orwell Park School, Orwell Park, Nacton, Ipswich, IP10 0ER
Registered Charity No: 1070488


Helpful Links

Citizens’ Advice guidance on Leaving a Will

HMRC guidance on Inheritance Tax


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