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Our Projects

The Orwell Park School Foundation is currently fundraising for a number of projects.

This year, our Summer 2021 Bursary Appeal is the most pressing area of need, and donations to this fund are particularly appreciated. We are also raising funds for the ongoing care of our historic Observatory, as well as for our endowment fund, the Wilkinson-Spurgeon Bursary Fund, so that we can support bursaries for those from disadvantaged backgrounds in perpetuity.

Summer 2021 Bursary Appeal

This year has been a difficult one for many young people and their families, and all schools have faced new challenges. Here at Orwell Park, we are nevertheless committed to supporting a wide range of talented and hardworking individuals to be the best that they can be through our bursary programme, and this year we are seeking to raise £50,000 by September 2021 to ensure that this work can continue despite the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has produced. Thanks to the support of our alumni community, we are already well on the way to achieving this target.

If you are able to make a donation towards this work, please select the Summer 2021 Bursary Appeal below. All donations made in this way will exclusively be used to support bursaries at Orwell Park, and ensure that we can continue to offer an outstanding education to a broad range of young people, regardless of circumstance, and to support those whose background would otherwise exclude them from an education like Orwell’s.

You can read more about our campaigns below, or request a callback with Development Manager Amy Carbonero to learn more or to discuss your donation. You can also read about leaving a legacy.

Thank you for your support!