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Leaving a Legacy

The gift of a lifetime

For many, leaving a legacy is a joyful experience as we remember those people, places and experiences that have had the greatest impact on our lives.

Orwell Park School depends upon the philanthropy of our alumni and friends to sustain our work, and legacies form a huge part of supporting this ongoing need.

We would be glad to discuss your preferences with you as you consider leaving a gift to Orwell Park in your will. Please get in touch with Development & Alumni Relations Manager Amy Carbonero by email or phone (01473 653228) to arrange a time to speak.

All donations made in this way go to the Orwell Park School Foundation (reg. charity 1070488) which facilitates the advancement of education by providing support to Orwell Park School Educational Trust Limited, financing projects which the Educational Trust would not be able to afford from fee income alone. Read more about the Foundation.


What you can support: When you make a gift, you can choose to support a specific project or leave an unrestricted gift so that your gift can be used where it is needed most.

How to begin the process of making a will: It is always advisable to have your will written by a solicitor experienced in Wills and Probate.

How to add a gift to an existing will: A form called a codicil can be added to your will by a solicitor. Visit http://solicitors.lawsociety.org.uk/ to find a solicitor locally. There are many kinds of gifts you can leave – pecuniary gifts (cash) and residuary gifts (a share of an estate) are the most common. You can also gift property such as photographs, art and books.

Understanding Inheritance Tax: HMRC provide guidance on Inheritance Tax (www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax), and a solicitor will be able to go through the financial detail for your particular situation.


Ready to leave a gift?

We would be glad to discuss the options available – please get in touch with Development & Alumni Relations Manager Amy Carbonero by email or phone (01473 653228) to arrange a time. Alternatively, read about other ways you can support us.


What you will need

It’s important to include our name, address and registered charity number when you leave a gift in your Will:

Charity name: The Orwell Park School Foundation
Address: Orwell Park School, Orwell Park, Nacton, Ipswich, IP10 0ER
Registered Charity No: 1070488


Helpful Links

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