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Our Boarding School Principle:

Boarding at Orwell Park seeks to develop the whole pupil, enabling them to develop confidence, independence, and an inclusive community spirit.  In line with our whole school principles, we offer pupils facilities and activities which enhance social skills, cultural awareness, and respect for others.  In an environment which celebrates the differences between pupils, the key life skills of resilience, self-motivation and responsibility are absorbed and developed.

In order to give full effect to these principles, pupils are cared for by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals.  Their collective aim is to maintain a boarding house in which all children will be healthy, clean, well-fed and well-rested.  A stimulating environment will aim to develop physical and emotional strength, as well as the opportunity to create enduring friendships.

Our boarding school is proud to serve the Suffolk & Greater London areas.

Boarders at Orwell Park fall into one of the following categories, although interchange is common and welcome:

Suffolk Wedding Portrait & Commercial Photographer
Suffolk Wedding Portrait & Commercial Photographer

Full boarders:
who spend weekends at school; these are fully organised

Weekly boarders:
who go home at weekends

Flexi boarders: who spend perhaps one or two regular nights per week at school

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