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Marathon for Charity

Huge congratulations to Cayden who ran a charity event during the Christmas Holiday to raise awareness of Sickle Cell disease, and also to raise funds for The Sickle Cell Society Charity, after he had learnt of the excruciatingly painful episodes that Sickle Cell sufferers have to endure. He decided to run a full marathon distance (26.4 miles) in 12 days – running a 2.2 mile route on each occasion, including on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Despite the bad weather and with absolute determination he completed the marathon on 4 January 2021 raising in excess of £1600 which exceeded the modest £300 target set. He was also supported by two friends, William and Edward, on two separate occasions. Well done Cayden, this is such a fantastic achievement! #orwellparkschool #orwellparkonline