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Annual Poetry Competition

The quality of performance at the annual Poetry Recitation today was outstanding, and all the finalists from Years 3 to 8 are to be congratulated on what was a very entertaining afternoon. Well done everyone!

Year 3 winner Lottie Prince
Year 3 runner up Victor Parker
Year 4 runner up Max Messenger
Year 4 winner Wilbur Lawson
Year 5 runner up Evie Morgan
Year 5 winner Theodore Parker
Overall middle school winner Theodore Parker

Year 6 runner up India Scott
Year 6 winner Claudie Woodmansee
Year 7 runner up Ollie Pasco
Year 7 winner Rafe Elliff
Year 8 runner up Barnaby Keen
Year 8 winner Harry Charlton
Over all senior school winner Harry Charlton