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Born Survivors: Eva Clarke, holocaust survivor

We were so pleased to welcome back to Orwell Park, Eva Clarke (holocaust survivor) and Wendy Holden (author), on Tuesday, to hear an Orangery lecture based on Born Survivors, the book Wendy has written about three babies born in Auschwitz, one of whom was Eva.  In a packed Orangery (in which you could hear a pin drop), Wendy spoke most movingly, giving some background to the book and of the three women who were separated from their husbands on arriving at Auschwitz.  The three mothers managed to conceal the fact that they were having babies and give birth; two in the camp itself with Eva being born on a train transporting the women to another camp and not knowing the fate of their husbands. Eva spoke of the rules and regulations all Jews faced in war time Germany and of her mother and all she and the other women faced in Auschwitz.