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Autumn Prose

An Autumn Scene

You are by a pond. It is Autumn and you can see the water reflecting a perfect image of the scene above. Some leaves look like they are pure gold and others are pure ripe oranges and stone red brick. The trees are dancing in the dazzling breeze and the leaves are singing in the rattling wind. The creaking of an ancient bridge can be heard as it leans over the unique pond. You can be sure that Autumn has arrived with the smell of dry leaves and misty mornings.

A bit of light glances through the canopy to show a strong blue from the sky. When you touch the bark of the old strong beech tree; it feels like wrinkly bedding. The sound can be heard of the plop of a fish jumping in and out of the calm pond and the smell can still be traced of a recent bonfire which carried on late into the night. The leaves are falling as a formation of birds flying south and saying goodbye to the coming cold. A damp morning, a fresh breeze and the rattling of leaves means that Autumn is always magical but no Autumn is as beautiful as this one.

Charlie Kerry-Williams (Year 8)

9/10/18 and 10/10/18