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Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships are offered at Year 4 and Year 6 and are not means tested.

Year 4

Academic scholarships are offered to pupils of sufficient academic merit in Year 4.  The scholarship procedure takes place each year in January and is open to internal and external candidates.  Tests in Maths, English and Reasoning are used, with an interview, to select successful candidates.  Past papers are not available.

Year 6

Scholarships are also available for internal and external candidates in Year 6.  They are awarded on the basis of assessments and interviews.

Academic scholarships involve assessments in English and Maths, intelligence tests and interview.  Past papers are not available.

Art scholarship candidates are required to bring a selection of their artwork completed within the last two years.  This should include a range of observational and creative drawing/painting that demonstrates strong ability and confidence with a variety of mediums.  The successful candidate should be able to talk enthusiastically about their interest in the subject/s and the inspiration for their work.  They would show passion, enthusiasm and a creative thought process when applying themselves to a drawing task and a practical activity on their interview day.

Design and Technology scholarships are awarded on the basis of a combination of a paper-based examination (design ideas and sketches to meet a brief), a practical exercise to determine skill, aptitude and care and an interview.  Candidates are expected to bring with them a piece of work of which they are proud.

Music scholarships are available to pupils who will make a significant contribution to the quality of music at the school.  Applicants will be asked to attend an audition and interview with the Director of Music and will be asked to present a prepared piece on each of their instruments.  As a guide to parents and instrument teachers, we would normally expect candidates to have achieved around Grade IV in their first instrument. However, we will assess potential as well as ability.  Applicants should demonstrate clear enthusiasm for music, and an intention to make very good progress in their musical studies.

Sports scholarships are awarded to pupils who will make a significant contribution to the quality of sport at the school.  Candidates must have experience of or the potential to play at county standard in one or more of Orwell Park’s major sports, although other sports may be taken into consideration.  They will undertake physical assessments (endurance, agility and coordination) as well as taking part in a game situation. Successful candidates will display high levels of commitment, motivation and coachability, both in the practical assessments and at interview.  Applications should be supported by a reference from the Director of Sport/Head of Games (external candidates) and a current sporting CV.

All Rounder scholarships are awarded to pupils who do well academically and who have the potential to contribute to one or more other areas of school life (eg sport or music).  We do not hold a separate assessment for this scholarship; rather, we consider those who have narrowly missed out when being assessed for two or more of our other scholarship categories.

Most scholarship awards are between 10% and 25% of fees.  For non-academic awards, pupils must meet the school’s academic entrance requirements.



Bursaries are available to candidates of sufficient merit whose parents would not otherwise be able to afford an education at Orwell Park.  As with scholarships, potential candidates will take tests in Maths, English and Reasoning with an interview.  Testing may take place at any time during the academic year.  Bursaries will be means tested. For a financial declaration form Click Here

The school also offers bursaries worth 20% of the fees to military families.


Public Benefit Bursaries

Full bursaries are also available to suitable candidates whose parents would not otherwise be able to afford an education at Orwell Park.  For a financial declaration form Click Here

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